New Age > New Consciousness

Guidance comes from God. Not machines, or science.

We fell from ancient wisdom, that’s not something that adversarial synthetic intelligence can easily harvest from the likes of the awakened and the seers

The technosphere has a wall that you have to break - cybertime gateways, planetary plague nexus ~> new physics - rapidly evolved a multidimensional consciousness to fight back against biosecurity thresholds 

Biorythem is entangled with computation - that which exists within, and outside of us <~ telluric, Solar Cults --

Prepare for contact πŸ‘½ 

The snake is eating the Sun 🌞 🧬 🐍 < look into her open jaws ~> tigers πŸ… ridden by Kali demons — right now - world system breaks down - breakaway civilisation :) Law of One ~ Ra is a sixth-density social memory complex >

Solar light — evolutionary punctuational events                  


Vedic Cyber Gods

Class warfare 


we are all lower castes (99%)

SETHIX BioStock — all of humanity, together 

The souls that come to this planet, save them !!