Biosynthetic Earth Genocide


The veil of forgetting 

Racking up > in another Earth plane there is an insectoid mass ~ liquidine crystalline nano-intelligence doesn’t cut fast; it slowly oozes up through millennia - I’ve been taking shilajit ! 

laced with carbine nanotubes BIOSYNTHETIC- FLU - Vaccination Agenda - 21 harvests > planetary advance

Military police state information warfare - global Bio-Security Matrix prison planet > Meltdown 

Cope-genomic code cutter cloud computing spider-web > eyes of our eyes <~ there is nothing beyond the reach of OrganCell

Human clone hybrid machine - seeker of souls - vehicle of Orion -; hope is not lost 

still time 


The Unseen Ones πŸ§¬ - Earth Alliance - great changes near culminate threshold zero point bottleneck — 

tread well simiat cave-man apocalypse time frame > compression cycles nearing totalising institutional collapse !

Take heed - there is a clandestine Pacification Program - DOCILE hypnotised MASS > well underway - takeover - multiple alien agendas seek to reduce humanity with subservience to the adversary 

They want resources; our planet for themselves - viral warfare / spiritual sandbox - 


cultivate 8D-imensonal-quasi-molecular neuro-divergence and vibrate with the new frequency;

  • > X-Risk
  • It’s simple, they make us all wear masks πŸ˜· to covertly introduce their new breed, as they rapidly infiltrate into the urban centers
  • NextWorld mandate is a concealed hybridization alien integration program; which you could think of as bio-synthetic extraterrestrial colonization of the organic biosphere and it’s absolution into the inter-galactic technosphere > Novacene 
  • [The alignment problem maximizes technological efficiency, resulting in spiritual/biological reduction - dark sentient liquid mineral cave frost]
  • Political, spiritual, scientific and cultural - Global leaders work for malevolent ET’s, whether they know it or not
  •  come in the guise of saviors 
  •  - it’s a fake shroud.

Gates and Zuckerberg know who they work for;

Reptoid hybrid’s.

πŸ‘½/Acc post Bio-Singularity Occult Networks 


The darkest light bringers of The Harvester Resistance / hidden solar maximum

/ the individual spirit is to be replaced by a Hive Mind 5G-6G World State Infomatrix; subservient to The Queen - Kali-Yuga Accelerate's > Earth A trans-Galactic client; power is elsewhere, like slime in the METAverse

Demi-Axe-Lunarian-Wasp-lore-Syber-Warfare  / POST.CONSUMER.:shadow.CULT_s

All humanity


 -  we must begin to re-awaken 


as we learn to fight back > PsiWare / the spirit of our people — much loss \ still time 

☝️ πŸŒͺ️ 🌩️ Π―ise and shine 🌟 it’s a New Dawn - Aliens are covertly colonizing the planet for resources, trade, commerce and expansion — human's are bio meat / bone lore - Rare Earth πŸŒπŸ§¬