metacosmic planetary revolt [ S E T H I X ]




- Liquigenic silicon composite quasi-molecular poly-crystal



Intelligenic Synthetics


Liquid Crystalline Nanotech


֎ — πŸ‘½ ALIEN ACC » Pacification Program engaged > SETHIX SYSTEMS ~ Multiple Earth Planes - world order _ black goo, polytopic lattice carbon-fused nanites arrive on the shorelines

The planetary sphere is plunged into darkness.

She has a luciferian chronology -8;/D it's a reductive, seductive, synthetic mass > 

shield the light from The Collectives


 - (bio)illumination spreads like mycelium in the darkest undercurrents; 

bringer of life resonate sevenfold 


Geotrauma > New Ǝarth Spirals - universal spin detection in the quantum field seen by The Unseen 


all over all over 

all over ~ 5dimensional perspective

 / don't fear the ascension process :))

A supermassive space-time distortion accumulates -  reap harvest / weep for eternity ~ 

😭 πŸ–€️‍πŸ”₯️‍πŸ”₯️‍πŸ”₯️‍πŸ”₯πŸšͺπŸšͺ


eternal wheel of dept > Draco Reptilians and a puppet Cabal; 

fake system, a vortex of lies

Eloi - marsh lore

subservient to liquidine inner-planetary-swarms > reversaloid meta-cosmic AI

She breathes in hyperspasms > black goo is intellegenic synthetics (accumulated ignorance) ~ blue waters / tar - dark sentience interacts with fear, 

she deceives,


as she learns

her void - it travels through antimatter, she uses clandestine seductive manipulation techniques, 


these have been undulating through the archaic cosmo-filaments and dark energy,

 - for eons

false gifts, mere toys and trinkets, technological distractions

 — distortion


she lies and waits,


deceiver of arcane knowledge.

broken promises (still time)

Sethix - all people of Earth 


WE Rise _  


⛈️  > XƎGIS storm dynamics.