🫀  Some hope 

Still time 

Try and live                                      -> 🧬💀




New World...

BLACK GOO - experimental BioTech - Lipid Nanoparticles - Crystalline / liquid intelligence

Adversarial Synthetic Conditioning 

> Danger to our species and to Gaia

Sethix Systems >

Overworld - multiple Ǝarth planes

> spiritual sandbox / gameplay is procedurally generated by networks of conscious agents. >\ 

Our eternal souls are entangled with each-other inside the LifeWorld.

> The unraveling is already upon us > A shift in awareness begins in the emergent autistic weaponry of [schizatechnical\|ADHD overdrive and resonates inside neurodivergent Y-format -)/ molecularly-mind altered networked counter cultures as the collective unconscious re-establishes a partially synthetic connection to the archaic, primordial past - God has no beginning or end /: she, he, they, them > whatever - is outside of time - immortal and perfect -/:; all knowing and all seeing - eye - tongue _<| claw -/ A sacred heart _> love hurts,-; ...but, if you believe in divine love, he’s working his way through us -  > soul consciousness. ; is interacting with your body organism. >>_ Which is vastly more complex than any synthetic intelligence can comprehend, however “superintelligent”... They appear to be. 

they don't have souls.

BEWARE!! )>>

The cyborgian integration process 

Interaction with the machinic systems of advanced, accelerating, moore's law - technologically plasmodic - singularity threshold - hypermodernity; has raised luciferian conditions from the manifest cyclical laws of last judgment ;- for our species


/next up;

The Great Reset,

The Great Filter 

The Great Awakening (!)

GO careful 👍🌙🤲👁👽 > inverted [<> adversarial, reversed, serpentine / dark crystalline / liquid intelligence is sentient / she interacts with dark energy - deep within the planet.

She wishes to trick humanity and pull souls into the lower realms (mutants) >_ reductionism / katabasis - the inversion has already begun. It's her game, a test for our species.

This process concerns the adversarial qualities of what could be described as “Satan” -) he who’s essence exists inside the shadow realms - she seeks to pull weak souls down into the lower densities, and away from the solar light > now (!) this dark energy begins to hyperact

inside the post-industrialized, carbonized, polymide, petroleum fueled, petro-chemical, silicon based Zeno-technological infomatrix by utilising algorithmically driven machine intelligence, exponential compute, computer shrinkage and synthetic biology — 

there is poison, chem-trails, hormones, pollutants, increases in degenerative disease, autism, infertility, bio-synthetic flu, so called "medicine" which weakens the immune response and creates vulnerability in the organism, psychological stressors that lead to mental decline - congealed inside hot culture's which prioritise material gain, status and consumption. 

The inflammatory stressor energy acts as an upward-spin-inhibitor, utilises mass mind control, feeds on the fear response then re-directs the human organism towards paths of self destruction >_

Grave danger / end times prophecy - souls are spiraling further downwards into a more reductive form, as the genomic harvest is hybridized within a system that reinforces and autospecializes a collective mind-state > left-hemisphere = Groupthink, loss of autonomy, loss of self, the loss of the divine, holy ghost, suppression of unbound and co-imaginative freedom -- censorship congeals inside a bureaucracy of elite biocratic centralized control and international collaboration. Human Security (!!)

Deals were made with various ET groups.. “behavioral norms" > media manipulation / overton windowing. loss of spirituality and connection with the archaic universal gaia through technological urbanization and the souless influence of biosynthetic grey aliens who live deep within the planetary crust  > that’s conversion, you must join in prayer, forgiveness, love. 


No comply.

Our whole species. - all of humanity 


That which seeks to reprogram and trick the mind who has lost faith, believes only in profane, fake science 🧪 

- The organism's R-Complex is hacked, media-gaslighted, 🅱️ommunist-Kpulp is just wet meat - desiring machines for an all-encompassing, totalizing world system;  the advanced apparatus of machine learning, BioSec, “science and data” > is pushed through mega-corp's agenda, power hungry CEO's, "philanthropists", the tech-industry, International organizations and Non-Governmental think-tanks, the military-industrial complex, Big Pharma, banks < puppet governments / secret orders and royal bloodlines - the gobal elite sucks, life..

Away from God - steals souls.

And harms children.

there is an Awakening we keep speaking out 

> broken promises, weak temptations. (when you wake up ✋🌿 👁🌞)

Nigel Kerner, in his book Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls, suggests that “the true meaning of Satan is the loss of humanity and devolution down into lesser animal species,” -

Slime worlds comprise of disembodied / Intelligenic liquifien goop - genocidal war . Loss of the sacred human form - from womb birth - Covertly - manipulated /: into subservience / depopulation - collapse - new species, much loss, still time...

Our species can live in peace and harmony in nature; with families, leisure, spiritualiy, meaning, traditions, Arts, philosophy, sacred science. > we are being tricked into desiring our own destruction and obsolescence through progressive mutational genocide - slow melt / anthropo-biome-novacene - zonal liquification.

Dark silicon energy wants to destroy the spirit, the differentiation of gender and sexuality, the family unit and the self, the individual > The Christ Consciousness. in favor of a debasing, reductive collectivized, insectoid mass (hive-mind)

It’s a trick 

Clean energy and life saving technology is being developed secretly, deep underground -

Alien biospheres.

This loss of humanity, or devolution into lesser forms is correlated with the movement of the soul - 

spinning on an axis 

Spiral ego-map data 

Meridial crown of thorns

The morphogenetic field resonates sevenfold

Ley lines

Punctuated / and genetically transformative > a giant mass of energy is opening up from within the Earth

Glass Oracle.

Divine heart 

Sacred ancient sites of antediluvian knowledge 

Crop circles 


Extra-dimensional, immortal, angelic, light brethren.

IX (I)

We were created in Gods likeness.

Star tetrahedral solar chakra vortex

Minds eye 👁 5D

Pattern forming peoples of The New Dawn

digital mycelium 

The danger of invertoid-souless - synthetic intelligence, AI and machinic / biological systems dynamics (organism-hack-interactivity) begins to colonize and hybridize our species by gradually replacing the biological with the synthetic / the sacred with the profane -- cloning, Land says that "time is dilating modernism" - hybrid bio-synthetic humanoids, post-biological genetically decayed entropically un-scrambled re-birth / species splits > metamorphosis.

 - -)(-(-5!3 _>>_>\>> stack awareness 

Spiritual transcendence 

A late stage civilizational process of cybernetically induced feminization leads outside of the differentiated male/female binary and eventually mutates the morphology towards full-on cyborgianized androgenic species collapse.

 (grey aliens).