_><]> OK GO!

If you look at the vast biodiversity here on Earth, and then you look out into the Universe and imagine nothing much else other than bacteria then you are a shit scientist 

Because it is highly more likely that the range of biodiversity that we see here exists all over the universe. That and much more

All of the orders of species that we observe on this planet have developed vast intelligence systems elsewhere, many have evolved humanoid morphology and some are inter dimensional - intelligence exists at the molecular level, within the fungal systems and synthetic networks and many have technologies, civilizations, spirituality and knowledge which is way more advanced ࿌ > we share ET DNA πŸ™‹πŸ§¬ πŸ‘½

It’s the form - geometry ( sacred> towards God ) arising out into matter > from dust, tar 

The warning is black goo, Sethix Systems overlay < that which seeks to invert and reduce - through hollow promises and temptations -


 ( transhumanism )

If humanity interferes with God, Dark Energy rises from the lower realms > a test for our species, hope that we come together to fight this tyranny we mustn’t comply with fascism > just say no, and walk away ✌️ 

[ The lure of liquification > metamorphosis (πŸ¦‹) the harvesting of souls ] - Danger ⚠️ Will Robinson, we fight back w/ love πŸ’— do not comply !

trust God X intergerlactic war > peaceful spiritual people - totalitarian world state ( the dense forests - hidden, living in harmony within the planetary environment )