Genomic Code


Psychokinetic rhythm sectioned off and medicated with a 1cp lsd head trip fake out nest square vanity window overton profanity godless cyborgs; you mean nothing dead zone rigor mortis crash course // new physics >  live without zombie time-wave / partical non-duality phase shift > megacorp ghost world data crush fast track to digital slime primordial swamp liquification > metamorph reverse machine code pathogen lab maxxed up pressure gague —- nexio-bala club mix vivimode > 

Wow this movement is growing I had no idea how big it is getting :))

Wear your mask it's to keep everyone safe

Take the nanotech it's to keep everyone safe

Track and trace it's to keep everyone safe

Smile your on CCTV

Stay at home, alone, until you die (we’ll send a robot to look after you )

It's to keep everyone safe

White people are hijacking churches, converting them into v4c1n3 centres and coercing the black community to fulfill their evil NWO V4c1n3 Agen4a - this was all prophesied

kali demonism accelerates

 The v4c1ne agenda is colonialism

The awakening and the ascension process will not come from within the church, it will come from the trinitarian metaphysic within you

 We the people, together

The only thing delusional is your cognitive dissonance -

There are conscious agents interacting with other conscious agents and awareness changes reality. Meds (such as ssri’s) keep you docile, and in a state of spiritual poverty - so that you can't reach higher thresholds of awareness

- the frequency fence, which will be further developed through biotech (v4acc1nation programs), nanotech and fiveG aims to keep humanity in a left brain hemisphere state of impoverished higher principles because extra dimensional reptilian greys want to suppress the Christ Consciousness

Find God, take psychedelics and drop the debasing meds, they are poisoning you

Godless tribe go your own way - look what they did to Jesus

/there are inter-dimensional, extra-dimensional, extraterrestrial, galactic and trans-galactic humanoids who are in contact with people on this planet, and there are hybrids and various species living here on earth -> that much has already been confirmed

The implications will transform everything we know -> (Snowden docs, project paperclip, last world war, race, species > future of humanity/ post humanity,  clades, tribes, subspecies, singularity, spirituality, history, DNA, ancestors, giants, nephilim, crocodile kings)

Shadowbanned if your winning > online \ data <~ learning > synthetic awareness _ sentience she, peeks in on your dynamic unraveling and makes this face ~> ✋πŸ‘πŸ‘…πŸ‘πŸ€š

Conflated network system dynamics >~ the set of all sets / cybernetic influence is entangled with other conscious agents |> the machinic system births a hybrid species next up > run this planet <~ ONLINE Earth grid


BioWar πŸ“² πŸ¦ 



NEW EARTH let’s go /