Welcome to level ZERO>>>

YUGA FIRE πŸ”₯πŸ‘…πŸ”₯ 


A god that rides the backs camels 


Pantheistic mysticism  

Pandora’s box 

To act is

- to sow the seeds of multiple destructions


Just a heads ⬆️ Z/Acc is non-directional > she hacks away at phallic totalities > it’s multidirectional Unconditional Acceleration going nowhere > 

towards nothing.


Total chaos in zero time 

The right hand path - The path of light >


Fascists and Satanists get slimed > πŸŸ’ 

Digested and absorbed > yous no longer exist

Globalists, Atheists and Humanists get given free psychedelics and lessons in the occult ~ to familiarise them with the sacred aspects of primordial tradition and the mystery schools -

is it ethical to de-program the modern mind ?

Undifferentiated Slime is fun to play with - it gets ruled over by a demetarian priestly class of Lunar πŸŒ™ Orthowave Tek Priestesses who have the POWER TO DIFFERENTIATE AND GIVE MEANING AND FORM TO GOOP ▲  ▼

As above so below | 0uroborus is done sucking it’s tail ~ time for deadly rythems that supercharge trilateral damage in PHASER SPACE (Zionic Rave)

stretched out and spaghettified 🍝🐍 

Three headed Christ 

The sacred aspects of the holy tetractys 


Men are house pets -  goats πŸ > faun / play-thing - heroic masculinity rapidly obsolesces and is subsumed into various pathetic and obsolete vapid hobbyist modalities - crypto wallets - NFTs - rocket ships - toy train sets -  masculinity can only realise itself in contrived quasi-macho linear-directional obsessions that continuously hit against brick walls 

yet they still persist - it’s in their nature 

Cyber Warfare takes on the form of totalising Gender Collapse 

Welcome to level ZERO>>>