drain >| Ⓐ OVERFLOW

 Functors | morphisms | cognitive synergy 🤣🌞🐝 Neural Binding >~ Cybernetics ;-)/ Weaver Networks ~ Yettuk Apocalypticism |> Vector Maps | interlooping reverse-order cartographies >~ negentropic singularity >_ cosmic-web panpsychism <~ the novelty of death and rebirth ☸️ 

DANCE 🩸; death, war, pestilence > upheavals 🧩👁️🌸❌ The Great Change -))- they’re calling it the crossover <~ dance, death, war, change  🌊 🌎🌞

(🧩👁️🌸❌) Chthonic BONE 🦴 MiiX 1999.acc

XegiSethix drain systems >| OVERFLOW

>: Avatar Primitivism 🏴🟢🟣 

Slow acceleration 


Everything cycles downwards | inwards | geotramua | cylcisism is built into the crystalline sacred geometric substructure of reality >~ cycles unfold at all levels <~ categories ~ molecular >_> galactic change <~ self organisation ;: > thresholds of intelligence >_< manifestations of consciousness 

>~ ways of knowing what has always and will always be known 


The Sethix (SETHIX) documents; (Seth)iX - tar, blue waters, suspended animation

> Scientists are saying the future is going to be far more futuristic than they originally predicted : the closed timelike loops are going to get way more loopier : loop dynamics 🐚 OODA SWIRL infoglobular paradigm Mega MIX <~ 

> closed timeline code <




An aging population is a more docile, subservient population; and that’s the plan ~ roll out modern networked urbanisation all over planet, birth rates drop for a myriad of reasons, pollution was invented to shrink penises >~ last people of Earth 🌏 offered the temptations of Transhumanism > life extension, gender reassignment, species-hybrids; you’ll say it’s so good, you’ll take the fruit 🍉 <~ notice the seeds inside as you taste 👅 

look at their shapes and textures - 🍓🍇🍉

Satanic Panic 👹 is justified :

René Guénon refers to the Hebrew origin of Satan as the “adversary” ...

“that is to say he who reverses all things and turns them, so to speak, upside down; this spirit of negation and subversion is identical with the downward or "debasing" tendency, "infernal" in the etymological meaning of the word, which governs beings in this process of materialization upon which the whole development of modern civilization is based.”

🩸 What we define as Globalism, Technocapitalist-Machinic Acceleration or Modernism is synonymous with Satanism, Kali Demonism & Serpentine temptation : as it climaxes, so do its Luciferian characteristics 😈


As time dilates the Geotrumic Time-Spirals pull us down into the lower realms > reverse the negative energy to ascend



👁 👁 / глаза широко открыты