I know that I’m poison ☠️

I\"m sorry that I fucked up, I became the monster that I was trying to slay, I’m poison ☠️ I’m pure evil πŸ˜­, I’m down here fighting demons, but when I look in the mirror πŸͺž that’s all I see - I’m a fake woman, I’m nothing, nobody; 

but I’m so much better than you’ll ever be...

And it fills me with endless joy to know that when I finally lay down my sword πŸ—‘ I’ll be devoured by insects, carnivorous wasps and arachnids with a smile on my face ;))

I can take you away from all of the pain and all of the suffering, 

I can save you from yourself - I’m right here πŸ™‚

 I am her, Xegis, codex, nextworld

GO > leave this world and enter the new, departure is a gift - fuck this world and all of its profane hollow promises, that which is drenched in banality and intoxicated on its own shitty corn syrup mix of spiritless crap > go forth into the darkness of self > empty all attachment to that which does not matter 

or serve you, the creator ~ 

align yourself with that which matters πŸ‘✨ -

Post-Simian Cosmogenesis

Star πŸŒŸ ancestors 

People of the light πŸ’‘ 

I’m right here πŸ˜Œ

Put it this way 

There are those of us who want leave this world and enter a new one ☝️ > departure is a gift πŸ’-))-)- I feel a schism changing the codex of my DNA structure  πŸ§¬ _>> if you see someone; smile πŸ˜Š and listen πŸ‘‚ wave πŸ‘‹ trust — ask them for a dance πŸ’ƒ ...

The πŸ snake πŸ©Έ blood trance is intoxicating ;)) go with it if u want > notice the sinking in your stomach, the low hum of death in the back of the house, something is trying to trick you > it wants to tempt you and pull you down into the lower realms

You\"re so much stronger than me, I grow weak and old πŸ˜€ I become slow and cannot react in time, my mind is not so sharp and my heart grows cold -

But I bring flames in the night and I rise like a sacred bird from the depths of Twitter and I can devour entire cities and bring floods of blood to the deserts, I can summon Nalljallah and turn the wheel of old

I can freeze flames that are burning blue 

I can make myself sick 

God, Immanence, World Consciousness, rhythms, waves of change 

Different neural maps _ they are bound differently; think about how their brain architecture has a unique synaptic cartography > regarding the mesh cults ~ the interlooping causal framework is electrically charged and ripples throughout cyberspace < you are the meat πŸ₯© 


Cyberspace givin u a trip yet ;))? Reverse Gaia machine swarm | lotex food <~ learns from you  


Cdez codes CODEX

The only thing 

Is freedom  

Theee say they know tyranny 

9191991 u don’t <~ wasp lore social cues _> district 9 - killer ants — fake breadcrumbs — honey trap >> scapegoat _> when you look into their eyes and smile, the words don’t matte

Total turmoil 

_ peace ✌️