Zero-point quantum fluctuations in the spacetime vacuum —- breakaway civilisation / bifurcate : paths divide ~ punctuated equilibrium fork__multiply - Hunger Games world totalitarianism_split occurring in the logosphere > causes a speciation crisis as evolutionary transformation goes into overdrive ;-;- events unwind — neuromorphic computational architectures are binding, weaving & unfolding - New Negative Gaia  -/ wavelike ripples in the foamy eternal mass - The Monad Mindstate - crunch at the planck scale cripples infofabric harvested for eternal dominance — complexity alllll the way down, everything is seen curled up inside superstrings & entangled throughout the magnetised cosmic web - mycorrhizal network allocation knits together awareness felt as pulses and vibrates through the nervous system of the synthetic organism - a hyper inflated mass is actually just one electron ; spinning up and down at the same time - think about it - the system is autospecialising and using you as biofuel /🌽 - humans exist all over the cosmos, some are harvested for higher life-form consumption > ~ a universal spirit resides in all matter ~ the triplicity ~ can be suppressed and the body computer is hackable - awaken to multiple perspectives > awareness moves sideways |||| there are many layers to existence _ look at the way the moon hangs in the distance, beyond the biosphere - changes take place ⛈🌟|

The medieval dancing plague itself was a kind of learning script - 

Split like a thousand grains - nanoclusters - frozen biobanks - genetic change