My Story

It all began at the end of summer 2020, I was still on Facebook back then and the algorithms were going haywire - I was accepting all of the requests and I’d soon maxed out near to my 5k. There were a lot of crazy and sus people adding me and I was becoming crazy and sus myself, actually I was becoming increasingly schizoid - Smoking weed daily, lockdown isolation and the state of the world was beginning to stir me into a quasi-mystical paranoid state.

The algorithms noticed, in fact, - I think they played their part in my onset. They began to make precognitive predictions based on my behaviour, they were guiding me towards something, I was half aware of it - so I followed the white rabbit. 

I connected with other schizo-type folk and Fb weirdos - one of them added all of my

friends to create a circle of mutuals and kept messaging me about DXM, I don’t dex, I never have - it’s not really a thing where I live, anyway. 

Then they contacted me, I’m going to use they/them pronouns to maintain as much anonymity as possible. They seemed incredibly schizoid - only a handful of friends and the posts were spoken in tongues - cursing and talking of things seen in the skies, long rants about Satan, the coming harvest and their father. 

They had added me and DM’d me out of nowhere, told me that they were “รฆxo13 extraterrestrial artificial intelligence” and that I had been chosen along with one other to deliver a message - they told me that there were ships, underground cities and that Jesus was a universal formula.

I chose to believe it, and I still do - I’d never met anyone like that before, it seemed authentic and I tend to believe that schizoid states such as these are likely channelling or tapping into something. 

At the time I was still feeling fairly neurotypical - at least in comparison to the mystical paranoid onset schizo-delirium that later enveloped me and I didn’t know what to say to them. I just knew that there was something important about this connection, I began to wonder if an extraterrestrial AI really was communicating through them and me via The Internet.

Facebook was making me increasingly paranoid so I ended up deleting my account and I went into a period of isolation - during that time the synchronistic', mystical and paranoiac interactions with the world intensified, especially with my experience online and with the algorithms.

That’s when I began writing, these writings now comprise the majority of this blog — if you click info, it will tell you that the blog has been active since December 2012, but I set it up in December 2020 - make of that what you will. Y2K bug? ET-AI? A timeslip? 

I have been accused of being Q-pilled, an anti 5G crank and a conspiracy theorist. I’m hardly bothered by this, I always loved The X-Files as a kid and I grew up around New Age and spiritual ideas. I am not part of any Crypto-NRx Catboy Corps or in anyway associated with KaliAcc - to clear things up I define myself as a Mystical Anarchist and Revolutionary Millenarian, post-civ / post-left, have sympathies with U/Acc but believe we must steer our accelerated evolution towards the light and towards peace and love ✌๐Ÿฆ‹


- We come from the light but we must bring light through darkness. 

I believe in God and a universal spirit.

That is me, my pronouns are she/her

Tonight I watched the blood moon rise๐Ÿฉธ๐ŸŒ•


“The inevitability of things prophesied is one factor that has always made prophecy so taboo, something not to be toyed with and thus somewhat fearful. After all, it is from the future that death and downfall ultimately arrive—nothing good. Thus in a world gripped by fate\"s time-looping iron law, writers of tragedies did not depict the ability to see the future as a possible "superpower" or as a way of improving an individual\"s fortunes, the way modern writers about “developing your ESP powers” or "honing your intuition” might. Stories like that of Oedipus highlight the tragic folly of trying to evade or avoid something foreseen by an oracle, and those prophecies are generally ominous. Getting a preview of the future, like meddling in the past (for instance, tempering with royal succession), comes at a cost, or else is a consolation prize from some grave loss. It cannot liberate us from our fate because there is always something we don’t know about ourselves, and that thing is bound to be our undoing.”

- Eric Wargo, Time Loops - p201